Why is it Important to Optimize the Images on Your Site?

What Is Image Optimization?

Image enhancement is the process of ensuring that images embedded in a website do not compromise page speed, should have the appropriate tags, the appropriate file size, and type. This helps to provide the right context for the search engine:

  • Completing some page optimization efforts and helping to get a better quality of web pages
  • Verifying the visibility of images in the Google Direct Image Search section

One of the key KPIs for image enhancement is; with relevant search query, number of views and clicks generated by pages linked to images. You can use the search console tool to check these metrics later. But, also make sure you change the type of search from web to photos.


Why Is It Important to Optimize Images?

Every day, according to Google, hundreds of millions of people use Google Images to search web content visually. Image search represents 27% of all queries generated by the top ten web search engines in the US.

Update Google’s “View Image” button from Image Search to “Visit [Page].” resulting in statistical forums that record the increase of time generated by image search. This has increased the visibility of the content of host pages. Photos are an important source of traffic and should be taken advantage of.

Optimizing your photos reduces page load times. Therefore, there is a good chance that visitors will stay on your website, as the average user waits for the page to load in 2 seconds. The faster your page loads, the more frequent your site visitors are. Plus, because Google prioritizes fast sites, and punishes slow sites. In short, optimizing your photos can help you with two important aspects:

Page loading speed

Images contain more than half the weight of web pages. That’s why optimizing image sizes is an easy way to reduce your load speed.

SEO Levels

Gaining a gold left is a goal if every marketer and webmaster. Therefore, optimization of SEO images is necessary. We will cover tips and tricks in the next section.

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