4 Best Digital Pen Tablet for Online Teaching in 2021 (Maths, Science)

Online teaching quickly became the norm – allowing you to connect with your students from the comfort of your own home. But it also comes with its own challenges.

Teaching and explaining complex mathematical problems, scientific ideas, and biological drawings to your students via webcam is difficult.

Mouse” can’t give you the same level of art you get with a marker pen and a white board.

One way to deal with this problem is to record a white board when teaching online. But the white board may not be readable due to poor lighting or camera angle (which happens frequently).

Alternatively, you can use pen and paper, but your hands can get in the way and the text may not be readable.

Wacom One – Digital writing pad with a built-in screen

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Typing on a tablet tablet while watching on screen takes less time to build eye contact. What if the screen is built on a tablet tablet that you can write directly to.

This is exactly what you get with the Vodacom One One display tablet. The Wacom One comes with a full 13-inch HD screen that provides a fully functional workspace.

The top of the tablet tool has a molded area that gives a better writing experience. The screen comes with a matte finish that does a good job of reducing the look and brightness of the screen.


The display-enabled tablet comes with a very easy-to-use tablet stand that lifts and places the tablet in a comfortable working environment.

For the tablet to work, it needs a computer connection and that’s done with a single USB-C cable. Wacom One is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android as well.

All of these high-quality features and functionality come with a matching price.

All in all if you want the ultimate teaching experience that leaves your reader probably wondering what cool tech you use – this is the best digital tablet for you.

Wacom Intuos – Wacom tablet for online teaching


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Wacom Intuos is one of the most popular pen pills right now. It is a go-to tool for those looking for a digital writing tool.

The tablet comes in two types – small and medium. The average size can be very large so it is often recommended to get a smaller version.

The small Wacom Intuos has a 6 x 3.7 inch workspace, large enough for writing and teaching.

The tablet comes with a quick, reliable, and accurate pen. Tracks your handwriting with high accuracy that makes you feel at home when you draw with it.

Although the tablet is made of plastic, the quality of the plastic used is high. The writing surface is made of scratch-resistant material that protects the surface from getting scratches.

Wacom Intuos pen

The tablet is very easy to set up and connect to your computer using a USB cable. Alternatively, you can reconnect this tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The only thing you need to consider before getting this tablet – it’s a little cheaper.

Xp Pen Deco 01 V2 – Most value or money writing pad for teaching


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XP-Pen may not be proud of Vodacom’s name recognition or the most expensive pen pills, but their contribution is soon available to online and professional education communities.

This is for good reason. XP-Pen creates high-end tablets at a very affordable price for many. Their XP-Pen Deco 10 x 6.25 Inch Digital Drawing Pen Tablet is a solid decision for teachers, students, and educators.

We found that out of the box, the device is easy to connect to iOS, Windows, and Android devices quite easily. Unlike other pills, there is no learning curve. Just set up and start working.


There are some small touches that improve the experience of using this tablet. Like the installation of four lights in the corner of the writing area, which would be easier to identify the active writing in the dark.

The tablet connects to a computer using a USB cable without a wireless connection.

One of the great things about this tablet – the promotion of having a large writing space, good quality built-in, excellent writing pen, and buttons that can be customized for an inexpensive tablet with these features, and that makes it a great value.

Xp Pen Star G430S – Cheapest pen tablet for online/live teaching


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The IXp Pen Star G430S is one of the cheapest digital writing packs you can find on the market.

What you can really enjoy with this tablet – other than being a cheap tablet, the quality id to write of this device is really good.

The tablet comes with an exciting design where all the electronics are pulled to the left side of the tablet. This enabled the tablet to be extremely thin on the writing side measuring just 2mm.

Writing on this tablet may feel minimal as it comes with a very small 4 x 3 inches workspace. There are no buttons available on the tablet, but the installed style has two buttons that can be used to quickly switch between pen and wipe.

The cable that connects to the computer cannot be removed and is permanently attached to the tablet, which can make it prone to damage as it cannot be replaced.

This tablet may not have the high-end features that other tablets boast, but the tablet is similar to other tablets in terms of quality, responsiveness, and precision. It proves that you do not need to spend a ton of money to get a decent digital drawing device enabled.

This tablet is also available in a larger version called Xp Pen Star G640 (Amazon) which you should check out.


“Technology is our future”. From the above, it concludes that if you keep yourself updated on time, technology devices, methods will remain peaceful and you will be able to make your work successful and interesting. It is very important to stay healthy. Time has changed from whiteboards to online tutorial pads. Markers, pens are upgraded to a battery-free pen, and drawings are developed to digital digital artwork and drawings, and so on. Online tutorials and remote (expert) control services have received an improved version from these tablets and above is a list of the best online tutorials for online tutorials. Choose your tablet now, I hope it helps. Good shopping.

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