7 Golden Rules for Creating Awesome High Quality Content

SEO content writing and digital marketing is a combination of art, science and common sense. Currently 63% of online advertisers have trouble generating online traffic. This is where the expertise of professional content writers helps. Good content developed by professional article writing services makes your customers come to you rather than following them. Whether it is social media content or articles, businesses are increasingly relying on attractive content to get the ‘pull’ of their product.

And that’s why content writers need to develop a ‘wow’ essay. Well, it was a clever job than writing. But how do you get the best out of writing? How do you get your content to sound? How should it mark its powerful presence on the internet? Here are some tips to make your writing more effective and stand out from the crowd:

Know your audience

It sounds straightforward, yet many professional writers write a pen on a piece of paper – or a finger on the keyboard – before they understand their target audience and what kind of content you need to give them.

Before writing a piece of content, remember to ask yourself these questions. Who is my target audience? How can you distinguish them as primary and secondary audiences? How can you create great content for my specific audience? If you answer these simple questions, you will be able to develop interesting content pieces.

Suppose you are writing an article for a legal office. Your main audience may be potential customers as well as existing customers. But your second group is very broad and may include legal journalists, lawyers, and any person or business who may need your services over time. Knowing your audience will be your first step in becoming a star content writer.

Headings matter…a lot

Whenever you search for something online you find yourself looking at interesting articles such as ‘Things you never knew before,’ ‘Things you did badly all your life’ or simple articles based on annotations in the article.

These are the topics that motivate you on the inside to try at least and click the link. This is nothing but clickbait from people making article writing resources. They only know the right topic to draw attention to, and they get the ‘search keyword’ award. So try to make the topic interesting.

Short and simple sentences

The next step is to manage and organize your content. Write short, simple sentences. Easy-to-understand articles will attract more readers.

Make sure you focus on the grammar – no mistakes should be allowed in this regard. There are many online learning tools available for free to test your readability score. Take, for example, the Hemingway app. Such tools can help you create more readable content.

Active voice, please!

Always use a word that works in your sentences. Make sure you keep your topic at the beginning of the sentence. Active Word is a great way to create content that is readable.


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