10+ Free Google Tools Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

Some of them are very powerful and many of them are not worth trying. Seriously, gaining access to the right tools is the fastest way to create great content, drive more traffic and increase your website sales.

2021 has started and if you are wondering what tools you should use to build a profitable blog, this post around you is yours.

I have combined all the tools from email marketing to SEO to content production so you will find it very easy to choose the right tools among them. Are you looking for the latest blogging tools in 2021? Let’s go inside.

Google Search Console


Similar to many other ways in Google Analytics, the time you spend with this free tool will never be a waste of time.

There is so much to learn from the Google Search Console. You may soon find yourself spending countless hours reviewing details.

In addition to reviewing the entire life of your site, there are several other things you can do with this tool.


I’m writing Gmail for the first time because it’s the first tool you need to use any Google service.

I think you all know about Gmail. It’s a popular email client from Google.

There are many email clients available online. like Yahoo! Email, Hotmail, etc. However, I found Gmail very useful as a blogger and my favorite email client.

You can have more email accounts such as “admin@yourdomain.com”, “yourname@yourdomain.com”, etc. It takes a lot of time to check each email account separately. You can transfer another email account to Gmail. I found it very helpful.

When you transfer, you do not need to sign in to any of your email accounts separately. You can check every email from Gmail.

You can also use Gmail as your email hub for all your domain emails. Therefore, you just need to set up an email account on your hosting server.

Google Analytics

Another amazing free tool from Google. I can’t live without this tool.

As a blogger, you need to know – where you get traffic, which country you get traffic to, which channels send traffic to your blog, which posts you do best, etc.

In short, to know all these metrics for your blog, this is a tool you should have.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a Google tool that makes it easy to monitor the web when it comes to product, new interesting content, and news. After that, Google sends you an email once a day or once a week – your favorite – with a notification when it comes to keywords that interest you.

In short, Google Alerts make it easy to stay on top of new news and content without spending hours a day on social media.

For example, I can set up Google Alert for my name:


As a content retailer, I suggest setting up alerts for:

  • Your product name
  • Your name
  • Keywords in the industry
  • Great competitors

These alerts will help you see new styles quickly and can also provide you with great content to share on your social media channels.

Google Maps


Google Maps gives you a great way to embed interactive maps on your WordPress website. Adding a map to your website can show your visitors where you are physically located.

This should have an impact on local businesses such as good restaurants and restaurants.

If you are a travel blogger, you can also use Google Maps by creating and embedding interactive maps of all the places you’ve been to.

Google Drive


In addition to the apps you have, Drive also works as a, well, drive. You get some free cloud storage with Drive, and you can upgrade that for a monthly fee. Thus, you can sync between any computer number and the cloud to keep your files up to date. In this way, it works just as well as Dropbox.

In many ways, using Google Drive as the main tool for your WordPress business is not so much about the power of the tools themselves, but the flexibility and efficiency that you can achieve in the course of your work. The entire suite of tools works together freely (and other apps like Slack and Trello and WordPress itself) that use this feature will undoubtedly increase the performance of your company or team. What you will add (hopefully) is to increase revenue.

So… with all that being said, now that we have a foundation for what a platform is, let’s get into how you can use it to take your WP business to the next level.

Google Trends


Do you find it difficult to constantly generate new ideas for your blog and other content marketing opportunities?

There is no denying that Keyword Planner search engine provides hundreds of keywords related to your business and industry. However, this is not always good enough, when it comes to creating compelling content. In other words? You need another way to do keyword research.

That’s why I made a habit of looking at Google Trends, when I thought of new blog ideas.

With this tool, you can look at any topic to see what you prefer. You can also view “Top Stories Now,” to see if there is anything similar to your field and the way you want to take it.

For example, the upcoming World Cup will be a hot topic.


Is there a way to tie this to your blog or other content marketing efforts?

When you write about sports, you know that there will be a lot of details that will keep you busy. However, even if you don’t, you can use Google Trends to help you become creative.

To stick to the above example, you could probably write a blog post entitled: “How the World Cup Uses Advertising Watch Drive.”

With this theme, you provide your audience with targeted information, while using the power of a trending topic. It is the best in the world.

You do not need information or much time to use this tool. Just type your title and review what Google is spitting on. From there, let your creative juices point where they should.

Google Fonts

Google Font Website

Much of that changed with the launch of Google Fonts in 2010. Although not the first service of its kind (Typekit existed before), Google Fonts has become the go-to for custom web typography.

The obvious reason for that is the fact that all typing within the library is available under a free license. With over 800 fonts already available, the frequency, dynamics and several styles, that is a strong argument.

Secondly, as you will see, the service makes the use of its fonts much easier and less cluttered with any website. The best part: you don’t even need to handle the font on your server. Instead, you can simply point the user’s browser to Google and we’ll get a font directly from them.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Now, if you want to know how to use Google fonts with the WordPress website, just keep reading. That’s exactly what we’re going to get now.

You can download and use these fonts directly from Google, or upload them to your website and use them from Google servers.

Google Calendar

How do you plan your day, as it relates to content marketing? What steps do you take to ensure that you increase your use of time?

Google Calendar is one of the top organizational tools among marketing professionals. It doesn’t have all the features included in some paid tools, but it offers more than enough to keep you on track all the time.

Here are some of the ways I like to use this free tool:

  • Create events for important marketing activities.
  • Share my discovery with team members.
  • To better understand the “open spaces” on my schedule, because this allows me to take full advantage of each day.

I don’t use Google Calendar as often as other tools on this list, but it definitely improved the way I plan my day.

As someone who understands the requirements set by marketing professionals, I suggest you take a look at what Google Calendar offers. It can improve your performance.

Google Sheet

Whenever you need something to work online on google put their hands there. Thanks to Google.

If you want a program like MS Excel to store your data and record online, you can use Google Spreadsheets.

Unlike Microsoft Excel, it is over-distributed. Like google doc, it also has automatic backup functionality and is accessible from anywhere. It also helps if you have a team that will work together.


Specifically, YouTube is owned by Google.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular every day.

In fact, you can convert your blog posts into videos that you share on your Youtube channel to get more traffic to your blog.

All the tools I have listed here are free. You can use these tools to make your blogging activities easier and to market your blog.

Google does its best to help people like us. Why not take advantage of It?

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