Ifax App Pricing, Features & Reviews 2021

What is iFax ?

Fax is the leading digital factory for iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows and the web, serving more than 5 million users worldwide with over 20 million faxes. Iax has reached the top of the top 10 overall in the Apple App Store and has always been one of the top business apps in all the app stores.

How much does a ifax cost?

Fax offers three tiers of price: Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. The $ 9.99-per-month Plus plan allows you to send 200 faxes a month, but you can’t get faxes and not get a fax number for this tier. The maximum fees for this program are five cents per page.

To get a fax number and receive faxes, you need to download the $ 19.99-a-month Pro tier. This standard allows you to post and receive up to 500 pages per month. Note that this is not a 500-page pool, but divide the 500-page limits for each activity. Excess costs are down to four cents per page for Pro users.

The iFax’s Enterprise standard is the next level from Pro, but you need to contact the company for a price tag. In addition to catering to users who need to send and receive more than 1,000 pages each month, this program can include unlimited fax numbers, small groups, and access to the iFax API.

You can save money on Plus and Pro plans if you pay for them every year. Plus and Pro plans cost $ 99.99 and $ 199.99 per year, respectively, for these subscription lengths.

When you sign up for iFax from its mobile app – which you should not do – most apps are more expensive. The Plus plan goes up to $ 24.99 per month ($ 149.99 per year) and the Pro plan goes up to $ 27.99 a month. The annual Pro plan is different; its price drops to $ 169.99 per year. The company’s nominee informed me that the price increase was due to the fees paid by Apple, Google, and Microsoft for in-app purchases. Still, the habit feels like eating meat. Fax should prevent users from subscribing to the mobile app instead of charging increased prices. We have not reviewed any other fax service that offers different prices depending on the platform you are using to register.

Fax offers free trials on all of its programs, but you need to sign up from mobile apps to get that offer. When you sign up on the web, the only promise of a free trial of a business plan. These tests are updated with rising mobile prices, however, making it a bad choice.

No iFax’s Plus or Pro programs are particularly competitive, especially since you can’t get any faxes through the entry level system. By comparison, Fax.Plus starts at $ 5.99 per month and allows you to send or receive up to 100 faxes each month. SRFax is even cheaper at $ 3.29 a month, but it limits you to a 25-page pool.

(Editor’s note: eFax, MetroFax, MyFax, and SRFax are managed by j2 Global, the parent company of PCMag publisher, Ziff Davis.)

Nextiva vFax is the best price; allows you to send or receive up to 500 pages each month for $ 9.99 per month. MetroFax is a fax service that you can get if you want an average cost per page. That service offers a $ 12.95-a-month plan that includes a pool of 1,000 faxes that will be sent or received each month.

A representative has confirmed that the value of each page for faxes abroad depends on your destination. These prices are listed on the iFax price page. I prefer services, such as HelloFax, that pull the same amount of pages into your monthly allotment. That way subscribers don’t have to pay anything more than the subscription price.

You do not have to pay for the fax service at all if you only need to send faxes. FaxZero allows you to send up to five faxes daily (each up to three pages) for free. HelloFax and Fax.Plus have free options, but their fax page assignments do not automatically fill. The successful presence of FaxZero makes iFax’s Plus system ineffective and costly. For example, if you submit a maximum number of pages per day via FaxZero, that is a total of 450 pages per month.


Like FaxZero, Fax includes the option to send a fax without registering for the service. Fax charges at least $ 1.99 per fax for this service, the same price offered by FaxZero Almost Free Fax. A representative from iFax specified that the price per fax depends on the number of fax pages.

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