Blog Series – The Importance Of Blogging

Previously in this series, we have been breaking down what a blog is, why you might want one, and how you might start one. But, it has also become apparent that blogging is time intensive. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to write a single post, depending on the actual format, topic, etc. of the post. Plus, a successful blog needs a lot of regular, relevant content. That means starting a blog will become a large, long-term time commitment. This might get you wondering, is blogging really that important? Although it is a commitment, blogging can be extremely beneficial for companies for several reasons. As we touched on in “Why & How,” blogging can spread awareness about and generate more leads for a company.

The main way blogging spreads awareness and generates leads is through something called backlinking. When you write and publish blog posts, you are producing content that can be found by searchers on search engines like Google or Bing. This makes it so that people can find your posts and interact with them. If they like (or even dislike) your post, a reader might do something like post a link to your blog on their website or write their own blog post in response to your post, linking to you in the process. This creates a backlink. It is important for websites to have several quality backlinks for two reasons. 1) Each new backlink created for your blog exponentially increases the chances of bringing new traffic to your post/website. The new link is a new chance that five more people could read you. If even one of those readers decide to link you somewhere else, another five people might read you. The pattern just continues to build and, potentially, bring your website more traffic. 2) Backlinking impacts your website’s performance in search engine results. Although it is unclear exactly how much consideration search engines give backlinks when determining which websites to feature where in search results, it is clear that having more quality backlinks makes a positive impact in your website’s performance.

If we tie all of this information together, it becomes clear that backlinking can be extremely beneficial in spreading awareness about and generating leads for your company. Blogging is a format that simply creates more and more opportunity for people to hear your company name and find their way to your website to learn more. That is why it can sometimes seem like everyone has been jumping onto the blogging wagon in the last few years – the more people post, the more everyone benefits. To learn more about blogging, stay tuned for the rest of this blog series.

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