18 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website (2021)

Google Adsense is one of the best tools for making money online.

However, many bloggers rely on Google Adsense because it is a very reliable and reliable tool that helps all bloggers to make money with their blog.

Very good, but Is it the only thing available to make money with your blog or to make money all over the internet?


In my opinion, No, it is not.

There are many options on Google AdSense that can help you make money online.

So, in this article, we will look at the top 15 Google AdSense trends in 2021,

let’s get to it.



Media.net is the most popular 1: 1 AdSense on this list as it is a contextual ad product from Yahoo / Bing. It will add relevant ads based on the content on each page of your site, including both ads and displays

Like AdSense, you can customize your own display ads or let Media.net find the right size for you.

If you are trying another version of AdSense on this list, I recommend that it be.

The minimum payment to Media.net is $ 100, slightly higher than other AdSense alternatives listed.

They can compete directly with AdSense. However, be aware that they are notorious for setting up accounts and not saying why. So when you use it, read all the rules and be careful to follow them.

Possible Road: Media.net needs to allow each site to which you want to place ads. And they are a little more consistent with what the sites allow.



PopCash is a popunder ad network that offers global coverage. They are known as a quick accreditation network that takes 1 to 12 hours to receive a site.

They promote safe and clean advertising to keep publishers’ websites clean and free of crime. PopCash integration program is similar to AdSense – publishers start by coding their website.

PopCash payment system is very fast. They process daily payments for a minimum of $ 10. They also support Paypal, Paxum, Skrill, and telephone transfers.

PopCash offers instant permits, daily payments, and the minimum payment is just $ 10, which means you can get up and earn quickly.

And while the ads are fake, PopCash has internal and external monitoring systems to ensure that the ads are clean and free of malware.



Skimlinks enables publishers with automated connections to create continuous revenue streams. Skimlinks gives publishers direct access to a global network of 48,500 merchants and 50 potential partners.

Skimlinks works with more than 60K printers including Dotdash and Daily mail. It usually works with publishers who create business content and product reviews. Also, find suitable advertisers to place relevant links.



Infolinks offer a variety of ads to help you monetize your site:

  • InText – Matches ads with keywords in your content. The ad is not just a link – it will actually show a display ad when a user navigates over a keyword.
  • InFold – Notification bar style ads that stick to the bottom of the screen on desktop and mobile.
  • InScreen – A popup loop that displays during page views.
  • InTag – Content ads that are directly related to the page.
  • InFrame – Displays over-the-top ads on the unused sidebar of your site on wide screens.

This gives you a good list of both aggressive and invisible options, and Infolinks has a very good reputation as a quality for their advertisers.

The minimum payment at Infolinks is $ 50.



Revcontent is thriving in indigenous advertising, however, it has begun offering promotional ads to publishers as well. The ad network claims to offer 30-50% higher prices than other platforms. As well as better publisher control and user experience.

Their publisher support team is better than AdSense. RevContent provides a 24/7 customer support team available to handle any queries you may have with email, phone, and the ticket system. The RevContent minimum payment limit is $ 50 and you can withdraw your money via PayPal.

  • Strength Approval: Easy for beginners
  • Minimum payment: $ 50
  • Payment Methods: PayPal.



RevenueHits offers great types of ads including banner, pop-under, sliders, top and foot style banners, buttons, and interstitials.

They offer both content-oriented content and landscape ads. It is a performance-based network (CPA), not a CPC or CPM network. So make sure you understand that you are being paid when your site visitor takes certain steps rather than being paid when you click an ad.

RevenueHits offers mobile payments, PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin. Their current model does not have low traffic requirements. In addition, publishers can benefit from their proprietary features of anti-pop-blocker and interstitial desktop.



A complete advertising platform for advertisers because PopAds has high quality traffic, and it is not very expensive to make ads in major countries.

It’s also fun for publishers and helps make money with blog revenue by displaying their pop ads.

Also suitable for movies, songs, adults, and other websites that AdSense does not allow.

So, yes, if you plan to make a movie download website or another website,

which may be illegal according to Google AdSense so you can use PopAds to monetize your blog



PropellerAds is a large ad network focused on sub-ads but also offers standard ads, on-banner ads, and banner video ads. They also have slides, sponsored links and other ad formats available to publishers.

If your website is one of the following, you will want to explore: Games, entertainment, movies, dating, finance, software or gambling.

They also have a high rate of completing the two- and 3-country ad. So if you have visitors from India, South Africa or Singapore, you should try this AdSense method.



YlliK is a CPM / CPC / CPA ad network that supports ads for both mobile and desktop ad ads, mobile redirects, slides, layout ads, and full page ads.

They are a fast-growing ad network. And ylliK is known for offering daily subscriptions to publishers for a minimum of $ 1. Publishers always have full control of the ad campaign through their customized platform.

They also offer a referral system kindly, paying up to $ 100 for each new active publisher or advertiser you refer to, as well as 2% of the revenue they receive or spend.

The minimum payment for ylliX is only $ 1 and ylliX supports daily payments, which is one of the most generous payment policies in any of these AdSense alternatives.

While all of that is good too, I’ve seen some complaints about ylliX that allows dodgy advertisers to get on the platform. So if that bothers you, you might want to go with one of the other AdSense alternatives on this list.

For example, Monumetric or Media.net is probably the best choice if the reputation of your site is very important to you.



Adsterra is a premium advertising program that uses the appearance of more than 25 billion ads per month with 100k + effective campaigns and 10K direct publishers.

They offer CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click), and CPV (cost per view) advertising options for publishers, so you are paid in the best way any way they want. Adsterra focuses on geo pop-under advertising and operates a customized platform where advertisers can browse and purchase direct advertising, self-regulating.

  • Difficulty agreeing: Easy for beginners.
  • Minimum payment: $ 5
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney.

It’s only $ 5 and you can get payments through various means such as e-payments, WebMoney, wireless, Paxum, and PayPal.



Adversal is an automated ad platform for traditional ads (the same style of ads as Taboola). In addition to traditional content, you can also include traditional video ads, as well as many traditional display ads.

If you do not have enough Taboola traffic, Adversal may be the best option because it only requires at least 50,000 page views per month.



AdRecover is an advertising network that focuses on helping you make money with your visitors using ad banners.

It does this by displaying fast uploads, easy-to-use ads and ad blockers.

For example, AdBlock participates in the Ads Ads program, which lists certain conditions that advertisers must meet in order to overcome the ad blocker. AdRecover Ads meet those requirements, which is why some, but not all, ad blockers will still allow them.

Overall, AdRecover supports these three blockchains:

  • AdBlock
  • AdBlockPlus
  • Crystal



Taboola is the largest content discovery platform in the world with more than 1.4 billion users every month and works with more than 450 billion recommendations and can easily change AdSense. Posting traffic from your site to the advertiser’s site using personalized posts for your blog posts.

These ads can be placed after a blog post, in a sidebar or where you think they fit. Taboola can compete with you if you have high-volume sites such as news sites, or gossip sites.

Small Taboola Requirements
You must be at least 18 years old and you must own and use your websites
Your site should publish non-Mentioned content or copyrighted content (must be 100% original and original)



BuySellAds is notable because it is not intended to automatically display content ads as you receive through AdSense. Instead, you can list your ads in the BuySellAds market, where advertisers can buy them directly.

It’s the best way to get to the top of traffic. BuySellAds does not accept low traffic sites on their network. To work as a publisher with them, you need to create an ad list in your account, and once you have received an ad banner, you need to accept or reject it.

For example, you could say, “I own this 30,000-footer ad. I will sell it for $ 300 a month ”. After that, advertisers can easily purchase that setup with BuySellAds – all by default.



Bidvertiser is an excellent alternative to AdSense that ensures full desktop and mobile installation that provides real-time performance.

In addition to being paid for each Bidvertiser ad on your websites, you will be charged extra for every conversion that comes with your ads.

This ad publishing network is AI-enabled and is designed to maximize your mobile and desktop revenue. One of the great features of using Bidvertiser is that there is a conversion bonus if any clicks on your website are turned to valid guidelines.



AdPushup is a Microsoft-funded startup which is a revenue-generating platform that helps you grow your ad revenue through various ad units.

You can monetize your website using its various ad units including ad formats, header bids, new ad formats, ad mediation, adblock recovery, AMP (instant mobile pages) and so on.

You will be paid by PayPal or by bank over the Net-45 terms which means payment must be made within 45 days from the date of the invoice.

Sovrn Commerce


If you are looking for a clever display network, Sovrn Commerce (formerly known as Viglink) can be very convenient. If you want to learn what popular content and what people are buying, Viglink is for you.

You can also find out where your audience is going after you leave your site or app. If you want to do affiliate marketing on your website and don’t want to learn the tricks involved, viglinks can help you.

Viglink converts your affiliate links into affiliate links and earns commissions on all purchases through those links.

The default payment method is PayPal. Payment comes in one place instead of each network to pay separately. Minimum payment limits are $ 10 for PayPal and $ 50 for ACH, check and phone.

If your income does not exceed the minimum limit, the unpaid amount will go into the next monthly salary until it exceeds the payment limit ($ 10 for PayPal and $ 50 for ACH, check and telephone).

Amazon Associates / Native Shopping Ads


As you know,

Amazon Associates is an affiliate of Amazon.

While most people think only of Amazon Associates in the context of manipulating relevant content links, Amazon Associates also has its own content advertising platform called Indigenous Purchase Ads.

With Indigenous Purchase Ads, Amazon will automatically display relevant products based on the content of each page on your site. If your visitors click on those products and make a purchase, you will receive a affiliate commission as if you were posting a link yourself.

What’s worse is that you’ll still be paid only if someone makes a purchase – you won’t be paid just by appearing or clicking like you do with AdSense.

The minimum payment limit on Amazon Associates is $ 10.

Amazon is a very popular commerce site, and we can honestly believe it.

That’s why I added it to our list of other alternatives for Google Adsense.

Before that, it was just an amazon compatibility program, but after that,

Amazon has released its Amazon purchase ads, which are based on CPM.

Well, it’s a very good and very different way of Adsense,

but it is suitable for that website, which receives traffic from the US and EU.

And I don’t think you should use it to make money with your blog.

Instead of going to amazon post ads, you can use their affiliate program.

It would be good for you.

However, it will be better for those blogs that are getting more traffic from the US and the EU.

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