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Whether you are looking to build your brand or blogging for Adsense or affiliate profits it’s helpful to understand that it’s possible to make money right away yet probable that it will take some time. Your profits are directly dependent on the amount of targeted traffic you attract to your site, therefore, you will need to master traffic getting methods in this blog.

We are sharing the top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners.

1. Choose a niche

That is not saturated man-on-man is this important so many times people get into a niche that is so competitive. That it’s nearly impossible to compete for a new site in an overly competitive field is doomed to fail. So be smart and do some research so that you can tap into a niche that is still worth your time. I use a great tool that helps me with that called micro niche finder.

2. Know your target market

In other words, make sure you know exactly whom you are attracting. You have to sell products that relate to your visitors and I’m sure you’ve heard before that you can’t sell meat to a vegetarian.

Well believe it or not that is exactly what happens to so many people who are blogging without any success match your products and visitors and you’ve got a winner to be patient this may take a little tweaking. Also, many different niches mean many different target markets. of course.

3. Build your list

Another very important tip, I’ve learned from many marketers that list building is the number one priority of building any business. A list can double and sometimes triple your profits simply because of one reason and that is that people will buy when they are ready and not when you are ready.

So build a list and communicate your offer with them again and again and you will see the power of list building. make sure that list building isn’t the only priority of your business though making money is.

4. Build a relationship with your list

Now, this is a tricky one many people think that building a relationship with your list means catering to their every need and spending time helping each and every person on your list.

Know building a relationship with your list is sharing new information on your products and discussing problems and solutions of the niche you are marketing to I’m not suggesting don’t answer questions your customers have I am simply advising you to be careful that you do not spend too much time working for free.

Your job is to share current and new information and point to where they can purchase or learn more about it. the biggest problem in the internet marketing industry is that people aren’t focused on making money but on saving the are in business to make money and to serve your customers by offering them solutions to their problems which brings us to.

5.Time management

The biggest problem with time management is distractions. your blogging revolves around being online and writing making videos link building and social media marketing. well, those tasks can be very time-consuming full of distractions, and will rob you of your time and potential profits.

Therefore making a plan of action and sticking to it is the only way to succeed in online internet marketing, or you will find yourself spending hours upon hours in front of your computer getting caught up and next year you will look at your business and wonder where did the time go and how come you’re not as far today as you could have been don’t make that mistake have a definitive action plan

And if you need to treat your business as a job until it becomes a habit to do those tasks that make you the money you will thank me for this tip remember blogging is a great way to make money from home but it takes a great amount of discipline your potential is great if you can put on the blinders

and work diligently for at least 90 days to build a decent momentum and really see the fruits of your labor. three months is not a long time and it’s worth the effort it’s better than what some of the people have done wasting years trying to figure out how to make it online don’t let that be you.

6. Choose a platform you can learn easily

Don’t choose a popular platform just because it’s popular if you can’t figure out how to use it your blog will be over before it starts to shop around and find a blogging program that is easy to use and has options for technical support in case you get stuck

7. Select the format that doesn’t require a lot of technical changes or adjustments

Choose a blog template that does not need a lot of changes if you find one you really like you don’t even need to make any changes. stay away from templates that need many changes or else you’ll find yourself with a blog that isn’t functioning after a few wrong keystrokes.

8. Back up your blog

Backing up your blog should be something you do often if something happens with the server or you accidentally delete your own blog it’s been known to happen you won’t spend days or weeks trying to start a new one or put the old one back together.

9. Bright posts on topics relevant to your business

If you’re the owner of a widget shop you don’t need to write every single post about widgets themselves. However, you should write about topics related to the business of making widgets. you can write about bookkeeping for widget companies on how to use widgets. the types of challenges currently facing widget companies and other related topics. relevance is important for getting targeted search engine traffic to visit your blog.

10. Include links to other sites and affiliate products only if they are relevant to the blog topic

Relevancy is important for maintaining the credibility of your business a bookkeeping blog with links to tax information and a book called bookkeeping for beginners for sale is good a bookkeeping blog with links to gardening websites and a video on beekeeping for sale is not keep your blog relevant for your readers and they’ll be more likely to visit again.

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