How to Install Astra Theme Manually In WordPress

Wondering how to install the Astra theme on your WordPress website? Well, you’re in the right place.

Astra is one of the top themes that is available for WordPress.It is easy-to-use, customizable & comes with a ton of templates that you can use to make a beautiful wordpress site.

Let’s see how to download &  Install the Astra theme on our wordpress website.

We’re going to do this in 3 Parts:

1) Download the Astra Theme

2) Install the Astra Theme in WordPress

3) Importing Astra Starter Templates

Download the Astra Theme

Step 1: Visit Webguideblog Themes Page

Go to to see the themes that are available for wordpress.

Step 2: Download the Astra Theme

In the themes page,  select Astra Theme And click Download

It will take you to the theme’s download page & the Astra theme will be automatically downloaded on your computer.

astra theme

Installing Astra Theme On WordPress Website

Now that you’ve downloaded the Astra theme, let’s see how to install it on WordPress.

Step 1: Open Themes Page in WordPress

1) In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance and  click on “Themes”

2) To install the new theme, click on “Add New”

wordpress add new theme

Step 2: Installing the Astra Theme

1) On the wordpress themes page, click on “Upload Themes” to install the astra theme which you have saved on your computer.

wordpress upload theme

2) Now click “Choose file” and select the Astra theme Zip file. Then click Open.

choose theme file

3) Once you’ve selected the file, click “Install Now” to install the Astra Theme.

install astra

Then click “Activate”

activate astra theme

Now We’ve installed the Astra theme & activated it on our WordPress website.

astra theme installed

Part 3: Importing Astra Starter Templates

Instead of building your website from scratch, we can use the starter templates feature of the Astra Theme to import a sample site & then edit it however we like.

Let’s see how to import a sample site in Astra.

Step 1: Install Importer Plugin

1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance & click on “Astra Options”

astra options

2. In this Astra Options Page, click on “Install Importer Plugin”.

Once installed, it will automatically take you to the template library

install importer plugin

Step 2: Importing the Sample Site

1.  In the Astra Template Library, select Elementor on this menu. This will make it easy for you to edit your site in the future.

elementor page builder

2. Now you can choose any of the designs that you like on this page.

We’re going to choose this one.

digital agency template

Once you’ve chosen the sample site design that you want to import, just click on it.

3. In this page you will see a preview of how your website will look once you import the sample site.

Now to import this site into your site, click “Import Complete Site”

import complete site

Now the sample site you selected will get imported into your wordpress site.

template imported

To see how it looks like, click on “View Site”

Your website link will open in the browser & you can see that it looks exactly like the template which you selected in the Astra template library.

astra starter site imported

So that’s it guys! This is how you can install the Astra theme & import a sample site into your wordpress site.

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I hope this article was easy-to-follow and useful to you.

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