14 WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search

Looking for the best WordPress search plugin to improve your site search?

We all know that the default feature of WordPress is limited. However, there are many WordPress search plugins that can help you improve your default search experience.

In this article, we will highlight the most popular WordPress plugins to enhance your site search.

Why Use a WordPress Search Plugin?

WordPress comes with a built-in search feature, which is limited and not too bad for finding relevant content.

If you are doing something new or a blog, then you may not need a better search feature right away.

However, as you add more content, you may want to help users easily find articles or products. Most people are very confident, hoping that users will find things through search engines.

Site Search helps users stay on your website, increases engagement, and ultimately leads to higher conversions and sales.

The good news is that there are WordPress search plugins that can help you do just that. Some of these plugins are designed for specific purposes such as WooCommerce product search and others improve search experience throughout your website.



SearchWP of the best WordPress search plugin. It is very easy to use and the search results are very accurate.

Allows search for your keyword on post / page title, content, slug, categories, tags, taxonomies, quotes, and comments.

When enabled, the plugin automatically identifies your content and replaces the default search feature in WordPress. See our article on how to get detailed instructions.

Prices: From $ 99 per year.



Relevance is another popular WordPress plugin that enhances WordPress search by downloading relevant results.

One thing you need to look for are compliance issues. Ralevanssi has problems with compatible plugins for building popular pages, BuddyPress, NextGen Gallery, and a few others.

Prices: The plugin base is free. You can upgrade to a premium version for $ 99 a year.

WP Extended Search


WP Extended Search is a lightweight and simple WordPress search plugin that allows you to easily extend the functionality of default WordPress search.

You can search by author’s name, taxonomies, post types, meta data, and more.

You do not need to add any shortcode or widget. The plugin extends the default WordPress search so if you already use it, then you are ready to go.

Prices: Free



ElasticPress is a WordPress search service built into ElasticSearch.

Instead of working on your WordPress site, it uses search queries in the cloud and displays results at a brilliant speed. It is very easy to use and integrate from any WordPress site and works with all top WordPress providers.

It has a built-in Ajax search that shows instant results as users start typing. It works well with WooCommerce and shows users the products they want very quickly.

It is one of the most captivating and cost-effective search solutions in the list.

Prices: $ 79 per month

WP Google Search


WP Google Search lets you easily set up a default WordPress feature with Google Custom Search.

Very easy to use, you will need to create a Google Custom Search for your site. After that, you can copy the search engine ID and paste it into the plugin settings.

The plugin also comes with a widget that lets you display Google Custom Search in your WordPress sidebar. You can also use the shortcode to show the search form.

For more details, see our step-by-step guide on how to add a custom Google search to WordPress.

Prices: Free

Ajax Search for WooCommerce


Ajax Allows you to quickly download search results using Ajax without reloading the page.

Comes with a powerful SKU product search, category and input tags, and easy implementation in the navigation menu, sidebar, or shortcode.

You can easily add a product search to any product category or purchase page. The plugin also works in multilingual stores out of the box.

Prices: The plugin base is free. Premium version starts at $ 49 per year with additional features.

WOOF Products Filter for WooCommerce


WOOF WooCommerce product filter is a very useful search partner in WooCommerce stores. Allows your customers to filter products using a variety of options including categories, colors, size, and more.

You can use the shortcode in a separate widget to display search and filter options. You can also choose to use Ajax to filter products without leaving the page.

Easy to set up for beginners and provide tons of customization options for developers who may want to use it in custom product templates.

Prices: Free

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search is a great WooCommerce product search plugin that helps customers find products faster in your store. Allows you to allow customers to search for SKUs, search within specific product categories and filter results without reloading the page.

The search for YITH WooCommerce Ajax is highly customizable. You can also add a search bar to various product categories or store pages.

Prices: From $ 69.99 per year.

SearchWP Ajax Live


SearchWP Ajax Live is an addon plugin for SearchWP but will work with any WordPress search form that uses built-in WordPress template tags to display the search form.

Enhances your existing WordPress search with Ajax live search results as soon as the user starts typing. This provides a better user experience and does not require a page reload.

The plugin also offers a flexible customization option for advanced users. Allows them to narrow down the results template and integrate Ajax functionality into any type of search.

Prices: Free

Better Search


Better search is another great way to replace the default WordPress search with a better search engine.

Allows you to search all types of posts and get relevant results.

Automatically sets automatic WordPress search. If your theme does not add a search form, you can use the default search widget to add a search feature to your website.

Prices: Free

Ivory Search


Ivory Search is another excellent WordPress plugin to replace the default WordPress search.

Allows you to create multiple custom search forms. Each form can have its own custom search settings that allow you to create dynamic forms for different areas of your website.

Works with multilingual plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. To improve search results, Ivory Search looks at post types, image metadata, custom fields, and more.

You can also use Ajax to show live search results without reloading the page. Comes with shortcodes and search widgets that allow you to easily display search forms anywhere on your website.

Prices: The basic plugin is free. The Pro starts at $ 18.99 per year.

Search Exclude


Search Exclude allows you to simply remove items you do not want to be displayed in WordPress search.

Adds a simple checkbox for posts, pages, and WooCommerce products that you can check if you want to remove it from search results. You can also go to the plugin settings page to see all the items you removed from the search.

Prices: Free

Swiftype Search


Swiftype Site Search With over 1,000 active plugins in the WordPress community, this plugin replaces the standard WordPress search with a powerful polished search engine.

This plugin gives you mathematical features that help you find search information to help you make informed decisions. It has many customization features that you can use to customize this plugin.

Here are some of the features:

  • It is fully integrated into the cloud to ensure your site stays up to date.
  • No technical skills required because no code is required.
  • It works outside the box.
  • It automatically syncs with your content even when you make changes.
  • It has an intuitive dashboard design.
  • It has analytical features.
  • Translated ready.

Prices: Prices: Standard For simple websites $79/mo.

Site Search 360


Site Search 360 is one of the premium WordPress search plugins. This plugin is full of many features, which can take a lot of user experience for your site to the next level. Search is the most important thing on any website.

Site Search 360 gives you a high-performance search solution, which visitors will love. Provides excellent semantic search that gets instant results with auto-completed suggestions. In addition, it provides you with Analytics to help you get the most out of your search and provides your business with useful user data repositories to help you understand what your audience wants.

This plugin gives you in-depth customization options that fit perfectly with the design of your website and its layout. Additionally, it has a smart content collection functionality that gives a good user experience to your site. It offers a free package but to get some features, prices start at $ 9 per month.

Here are some of the features:

Easy to install.
It gets instant results.
It gives you mathematical features that will help you make informed decisions.
It gives you many customization features.
Translated ready.

Prices: From $ 39.99 per year.

What is the Best WordPress Search Plugin?

SearchWP is the best WordPress search plugin for many websites.

It offers a range of good features, high search results are great and expensive for small businesses. It has a WooCommerce add-on and a free live search addon, both of which make your WooCommerce product search incredibly powerful.

However, if you want a free and powerful search WP Google Search lets you add Google Search to your WordPress site.

We hope this article has helped you find the best WordPress search plugin for your website. You may also want to see our list of WordPress plugins that you should have for small businesses, as well as the best WooCommerce plugins for all online stores.


That completes the list of 30 search plugins you can add to your WordPress site. However, choosing the best plugin can be a difficult decision but here are some expert tips that can help you.

If you are looking for the most complete plugin, SearchWP stands out. This is because it is packed with amazing features such as custom weight, advanced links, live Ajax search, related content, and text-based indexes, making it a single plugin.

However, if you are looking for a plugin that allows you to add filters to your site to get refined search, then FacetWP is the best solution for your site.

To find the perfect solution that works well for small sites, Ajax Search Lite will be your cup of tea. This is because it is built on the AJAX framework to give you real-time search results and to put it all on top, it’s free.

Finally, if you are looking for a free WordPress search plugin, Ivory Search is your solution. Additionally, Relevanssi also offers the latest and most of them both are very effective in getting detailed search results for your site.

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