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What Is Theme

According to data from Built With, about 28 million websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress theme is a tool to change the structure and structure of your website.

Themes customize the look of your site, including layout, typing, color and other building materials.

A theme is a folder embedded in a zip and a group of files, including a set of page templates written in PHP programming language combined with other CSS style sheets.

When you first create a WordPress site, we will come up with a custom theme installed. You can change the theme in WordPress to match your needs with the field.

Choosing the right theme can make your website more attractive, easy to use, and improve visitor engagement.

28 million websites

However, WordPress themes are more than just “skins.” They provide control not only for visual presentation of content on the WordPress site but also on the behavior of certain site elements when visitors interact with them. For example, a responsive theme may re-order or hide certain items on a page when a visitor views your site from their mobile phone.

You can download or purchase a theme to change the look and behavior of your WordPress site without touching a single line of code. Because WordPress themes, like plugins, allow users to create custom sites without coding, they have helped to change the design of the web and change the way we create and consume online content.

What Is a WordPress Theme and How Does It Work?

A WordPress theme is a folder of files that work together to create the structure of your site. Theme includes template files, style sheets, images, and JavaScript files. All of those files change the way your posts and blogs are displayed.

Changing your WordPress theme will not change your blog content, pages, users, or other information stored in your database. Your content only changes how all of that information is displayed to your website visitors.

There are thousands of free and available WordPress themes that you can use.

Free themes can be downloaded from the official WordPress theme directory, or you can purchase premium themes with highly advanced features from third-party developers. You can even create your own custom themes for a unique web design.

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