9 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Why should I use WordPress? Is my old site not big enough? Why do I need to switch to WordPress from another platform? If you ask these questions, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will share 8 important reasons why you should use WordPress. We will also cover all types of websites you can create with WordPress and show you popular sites that use WordPress.

Although it started as a blogging tool, over the years, WordPress has evolved into the world’s largest and most popular Content Management System.

69.4% of all websites using a well-known content management system use WordPress.

So, even if you are not a serious blogger, this is one of the reasons why you should use WordPress. Other prominent reasons include:

WordPress is Free as in Freedom


WordPress is free software. It means you are free to download, install, use and modify to suit your needs. To learn more, check out our article on why WordPress is free ?.

A domain name is the address of your online website. Browser’s address bar to access your website (for example, webguideblog.com).

Web hosting is the home of your website where all your website files are stored.

We recommend using Bluehost. They are one of the largest hosting companies in the world and the official hosting provider of WordPress.

They also offer Webguideblog users a 60% discount on free hosting and domain name.

Need more catchy recommendations? See our selection of the best WordPress hosting providers.

If you are looking for someone with experience to set up your WordPress site, then our talented staff will be happy to help you get started. The best part is that we offer a free WordPress blog setup service.

You can do it yourself by following our step-by-step guide on how to install WordPress.

If you run into any issues with WordPress, simply type your query into Google and enter the webguideblog at the end of your query. You will find the answer on our website.

Open-Source Platform, easy to customize with themes and plugins


In addition to being free, WordPress is also an open source, which means you can modify, manage, or improve the source code as you want to customize the functionality or appearance of your website to match the needs of your business.

There are thousands of free WordPress website templates to choose from, building your website freely. Without writing any code, it’s easy to customize WordPress themes because many of them come with their own panel of options that allow you to change colors, upload a logo, add banners, change background, and much more.

Like adding custom themes, you can also add custom features to your WordPress site using plugins. WordPress plugins are like software that you can use to add advanced features such as statistics, contact forms, membership forum, and more to your website.

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins available that you can use that add extra functionality to your website.

WordPress themes are easy to customize because many of them come with their own panel options that allow you to change colors, upload a logo, change backgrounds, create beautiful slides, and customize them to your needs without writing any code at all.

You can also add custom functionality to your WordPress site by using plugins. WordPress plugins are similar to the apps your website can use to add advanced features like statistics, contact forms, membership location, and more.

As a theme, there are thousands of free and premium plugins you can use. To learn more, check out our article on WordPress plugins and how they work.


Besides adding additional functionality, some WordPress plugins can allow you to transform your website into a completely new platform. Check out our expert selection of WordPress plugins that are essential for all websites.

Needs no coding

The first reason people refuse to create websites on their own is because of the large code required. Not all of us can plan, and neither should we. WordPress provides a non-coding solution that is appropriate, to create a website with encoding experience.

Developers often use HTML and CSS for websites, but WordPress uses the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). This makes it easier for users by showing them the final result while the post is being edited. It allows them to delete and deliver new content, all while previewing results in real time.

While basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can help over time, it is not necessary for beginners to start with WordPress. This is one of the most popular benefits of WordPress, providing endless design opportunities for users who do not have the coding experience.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is written using high quality compliance code and produces a semantic marker. With non-geek names, this makes Google and other search engines love WordPress.

Natural traffic from search results is the best kind you can find on your website. To get live traffic, you need to add your website and rank better on the Search Engine (SERP) page.

One of the most anticipated benefits of WordPress is that it has great performance over search engines by extracting almost all the boxes needed for a better quality. It is an SEO-friendly platform that allows your content to respond to all devices and be compatible with all browsers.

Also, there are many WordPress SEO plugins available that work freely and thus help your content reach a wider audience. WordPress and its plugins make an important SEO concept easy for you. To understand why SEO is important and how it helps your website, check out our detailed article here.

WordPress takes care of 80-90% of Google crawling issues

WordPress makes this easy by having some built-in tools that tell you how fun SEO content is. While most of you will want to upgrade from basic SEO tools and install WordPress WordPress plugin.

If you are interested in this, Yoast SEO will be the top option you can consider.


This plugin is great because there is a free version you can try to get used to how it works. But I strongly recommend getting Yoast SEO Premium.

Paid version of this plugin provides access to multiple keywords, phrases, and related words. It will also monitor your most important pages and send you a notification when most of the time has elapsed between updates.

Upgrading to a premium plugin will provide you with content details, internal link suggestions, and an ad-free experience, among many other benefits.

WordPress is Highly Secure and Safe

Generally, WordPress is a secure and secure platform. But it does not mean that you are completely immune to malicious attacks, hackers, and malware on your website.

Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy for you to improve the security of your site with features such as password protection for folder content.

Keeping your WordPress version up-to-date will also fight potential bugs and security threats.

Be it an unusual blogger or an online store, the security of their website should be a top priority for any website owner. Since WordPress is an open source software, it is naturally vulnerable to hacking and cyber attacks.

But WordPress has always maintained a high level of security, thanks to a large community of contributors. Therefore, WordPress releases regular security updates that keep the software up to date. As a website owner, all you need to do is check for updates and install them.

These updates are sufficient to protect your website from the risk of hacking. However, it is advisable to install security-related plugins on your WordPress website.

Provides Backup

No matter what kind of website you create, it is always important to back up your data regularly. Without all security measures, there may be malicious hacking incidents, or you may accidentally delete data.

In such cases, backing up is a trustworthy friend you can count on.

WordPress understands the work and time it takes to build a website. So they teamed up with third parties to provide you with plugins that will help you back up your data to several cloud storage. While most web hosting providers themselves offer data protection, it is always wise to install a support plugin in WordPress.

We recommend that you use UpdraftPlus, a reliable support plugin that automatically organizes and maintains your website.


WordPress has global access. It supports more than 160 languages ​​worldwide. So you will be able to create a website to reach your global audience.

With that said, you should be aware that English is the most popular language used in WordPress.

71% of all blogs published on the platform are written in English

But it’s good to know that if you want to use other languages, WordPress makes that easy for you to do.

WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types


WordPress is not just about texting. Comes with a built-in media uploader to handle photos, audio, and videos.

WordPress supports Embed-enabled websites which means you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio by pasting the URL into a WordPress post editor.

Chances of Infinite Construction

Thousands of themes and plugins are one of the main reasons why you should use WordPress. Themes determine the overall look of your website, while the plugins are simple additions that add unique features.

The vast world of themes and plugins can seem intimidating to beginners. Therefore, we recommend that you start with an original theme like Astra that helps as a whole package including page builders.

The ability to build a theme with themes and simple plugins for WordPress makes WordPress the most preferred choice among bloggers and small businesses. It is very useful because it gives you the ability to customize the website and control the look and feel of your website.

WordPress: The Right Choice for Your Website

The bottom line is that if you want a site that looks professional, results-oriented, and easy to set up and maintain, WordPress will probably be your best bet, especially if you are not code-savvy and want to get Continue running your business.

Have more questions about how to install and use WordPress? We have the answers.


WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world

As I am sure you have read in this guide, that did not happen by accident. It doesn’t matter if you build your first website without experience, or if you are an experienced engineer – you should use WordPress on your website.

There is really no other content management system that I would highly recommend as WordPress.

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